January/February 2008

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The Timeless Story of Rostam and Sohraab

Tajik Version

By clicking on the links, you'll be able to watch all 10 parts of a movie made in Tajikestan on the epic story, one after the other, as if watching the movie itself on go, well, almost!


Book: Tales From the Zirzameen: The story of an American falling in love with Iran

By: Brian H. Appleton
Aka Rasool Aryadust

So although it would take many lifetimes to return all the kindness that I received in Iran, I am asking all of you for one more favor: Please pre-order or buy a copy of my book when it comes out and tell your friends and relatives about it as I have decided that the biggest debt I have towards Iran, which is to help wage peace between our two countries, must be paid for by me. If I don't believe in that cause enough to pay for my own publishing than why should anyone else?



Book: flowers and plants in a thousand years of persian poetry
gol va giah dar hezar sal shere farsi

By: Bahram Gerami


By : Shahab Sotoodeh Nejad - Tokyo


Don't target us!

This is Persia with respect to other nations!!


Art work by: Kouroush Shishegaran


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Beautiful Music .... New approach

Here and There

Haleh Afshar, our very own Lady Barnoness!


Vandals smash column bases of Susa Apadana Palace

Column bases of the Apadana Palace of ancient Susa in Khuzestan Province have recently been demolished by vandals.
The palace’s remaining column bases have been broken into two pieces and inscriptions on the artifacts have been obliterated, the Khuzestan Cultural Heritage Lovers Society (Tariana) spokesman Mojtaba Gahestuni told the Persian service of CHN on Sunday.


Mass Production of Silk Strings of Persian Harp

Silk String After 150 years of obsolescence, silk string of Iranian musical instruments will be produced.
CHN Foreign Desk- 5 January 2008- First Music Exhibition of Tehran presented the silk string of Traditional Iranian musical instruments. Due to the difficult method of producing this string, its usage has been limited and obsolescent.The mentioned silk string used to be utilized by musicians in various parts of Iran in ancient time through the Baroque era.


Farming threatening Sassanid era city Eyvan-e Karkheh

The Sassanid era city of Eyvan-e Karkheh, in southwestern Iran, is in danger of destruction by the agricultural activities of the Islamic Azad University.
Over recent years, the site has been turned into a reserve for scientific studies by the university’s agriculture students, the Persian service of CHN reported on Monday. Azad university officials have so far turned a blind eye to objections raised by many relevant organizations.


Is this heaven or earth? Just beautiful


Celebrating Ferdosi's Birthday

January 19, 2008 - 6:00 P.M.

Address: 1197 East Arques Avenue , Sunnyvale , California 94085

With : Mr. Saeed Ghaemmaghami and more...

Tel: (408)295-1240


With the presence of world's most renowned scholars and top performing artists

on January 26, 2008 at UCLA


" In Search of Cyrus the Great" is a factually-based documentary film

in need of your help and participation.


New York to Expose Paintings of Koroush Shishegaran

Koroush Shishegaran 20 to 30 master pieces of this great painter are selected for this exposition.
CHN Foreign Desk- 30 December 2007- Koroush Shishegaran, the famous Iranian painter who has been awarded in various national and international painting competitions, is going to expose his paintings in New York.

Shishegaran has got a valuable record of achievements, such as UN award on designing the poster of “Peace in Lebanon”. He has also been elected as the first artist of “Global Millennium of Painting in Iran”.

Shishegaran stated: the primary discussions of this exhibition happened in my last visit to Paris, where several art experts submitted suggestion of holding an exhibition in New York to Sadeghi, manager of fine arts affairs. 20 to 30 master pieces of Koroush Shishegaran are going to be exposed to public view in New York. Art works of this painter has been exposed in different exhibitions in various countries including Iran, Switzerland, USA, UAE, Turkmenistan, England, Bangladesh, Italy, Syria, and China.


"Berkeley Lecture Series" presents:

A Talk by Dr. Sohrab Behdad, Professor of Economics, Denison University , Ohio

Topic: The Rise and Fall of Iranian Social Classes in the Post-Revolutionary Iran

A presentation of the study of the composition of social classes in Iran in the post revolutionary years in comparison to 1976, from

Class and Labor in Iran : Did the Revolution Matter? co-authored by Farhad Nomani and Sohrab Behdad (Syracuse University Press)

Sohrab Behdad, born in Iran , received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and his Ph.D. in Economics from Michigan State University . Dr. Behdad was a member of the Faculty of Economics of Tehran University from 1973 to 1983 when he left Iran . He has written several articles and books. Among his recent publications in English are Workers, Peasants and Bureaucrats: Class Nature of the Iranian Work Force; Islam and Public Policy; and Iran after the Revolutions: Crisis of an Islamic State.

Attention: Please notice that date, time and location of this program is not the same as other BLS events.

Date: Saturday, January 12, 2008
Time: 3:00 P.M.
Place: 101 Moffitt Library

University of California, Berkeley


Lecture in Persian

Suggested Donation: $10.00

No donation expected from students

Further questions may be directed to: berkeleylectures@yahoo.com