Elaheh and the Mojahedin

Vahdat dar maraasem-e Elaheh

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The Spread of Zoroastrian Population

1. Afghanistan: 1970 -- 000.000 persons -- 0.0%
2000 -- 304,454 persons --1.3%

2. Iran: 1970 -- 22,500 persons -- 0.1%
2000 -- 1,903,182 persons 2.8%

3. Tajikistan: 1970 -- 000,000 person -- 0.0%
2000 -- 7,426 persons -- 0.1%

4. Uzbekistan: 1970 -- 000.000 person -- 0.0%
2000 -- 3,042 persons -- 0.1%

TOTAL: 1970 -- 22,500 persons
2000 -- 2,218,104 persons
(Two million, two hundred and eighteen thousand and one hundred and four Zoroastrians)
Source: World Christian Encyclopedia: A Comparative Survey of Churches and Religions in the Modern World, 2nd Ed. (Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2001)

Ref. : http://www.iran- heritage. org/interestgrou ps/zoroastrian- article3. htm

ZNA: Thanks to Dr. Gharibshahi

BBC: Iran Ghahreman Basketball-e Asia Shod

Rap music and the girl who was arrested, listen to Ahmadinejad


Cooking liver kababs in Tehran

Photo By: Antoin Sevruguin's Iran photographs
Photographs of Iran, 1870-1930 (Asian Art & Culture
Frederick Nathaniel Bohrer

Sand competition 2007

Unconditional love !

Daneshgah-e Azad-e Eslami

Vaahed-e Marvdasht



17th anniversary of 1988 massacre of Iranian prisoners.

Familiy and friends of the victims in Khavaran cemetery

Khavaran was one of the mass burial places of Iran's best sons and daughters. The bodies were accidentally discovered when an Armenian priest noticed stray dogs digging up for bones. Every year families of victims gather there with pictures of their loved ones, to mark the anniversary of a genocide that went unnoticed.

Wall for peace

Jack London Sq. Oakland, CA, USA

Sweden, Arash-Kamangir's Cup, 2007, Report

More than 100 Zoroastrians from Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Iran, Sweden, and the UK participated in the Tirgan Jashan, Summer Camp, and the 3rd traditional Persian games (Arash-Kamangir' s Cup) which took place in Goteborg, Sweden from Aug. 4-6th, 2007.

The competition consisted of Archery, Backgammon, 'Yeghol-doughol' , 'Alak-doulak' and Religious questions/answers for both adults and children.

After three days of fierce competition, the winners of the games have been announced and awarded.

Listen to this: Aryamehr University and its ranking

Majid Kavousifar, shortly before his execution, August 1st, 2007

Last week the Islamic Republic of Iran hung another young Iranian. This act is now a routine for this terrorist regime who hangs our youth in public by the dozen. However, this case was different and it has bothered many Iranians inside and out.

Majid Kavousifar a young Iranian fled Iran after assassinating one of the most corrupt and repressive judges in Iran . Moghaddas was the judge in many political activist’s cases, and handed out harsh judgments against them even before reading their files. After Kavousifar and his nephew assassinated this man they fled to Abu Dhabi , UAE and went to the U.S. embassy to seek refuge. Instead of understanding where these young men come from and why they did what they did the U.S. embassy is said to have turned these young men to the Interpol who then turned them to officials of the UAE who returned them to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

American model?

Negare sarmast!!!??

Human flying

Resad adami be jaaee ke be joz khoda nabinad!