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Obama meets Ahmadinejad

by: Amil Imani

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Tarhi as Najaf Daryabandari



BY: Dr. Ali Mirfetros


A review of Dr. Farrokh's " SHADOWS IN THE DESERT"

BY: Farhad Mafie

I highly recommend this wonderful book to anyone who is interested in learning about pre-Islamic Iranian history (i.e., the Persian Empires) and how the legacy of the Persian Empires continues in today’s world. Many historians in major universities such as Dr. Patrick Hunt at Stanford University have selected this outstanding volume as a text for a course entitled Archaeology and Art of Persia.

Finally, this book is not limited to textbook use or to scholarly studies. Everyone who is interested in world history will surely enjoy this volume. And needless to say, anyone of Iranian descent will be fascinated with the stories and magnificent pictures. What a precious gift! A great coffee table discussion piece!

Gorgeous Pictures, absolutely

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Naame Daryay-e Shomal

A book by: Dr. Enayatollah Reza

Sent by: Shahrokh


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