Let's not forget our beautiful brave children

Do you remember how one day

In trying to fly to the green meadows

Of love, liberty, and laughter,

To heal their wounded wings and broken souls,

To breathe the cool soothing air

Of peace and munificence,

And to wash their naked bodies

In the green seas of purity

They decided to break the walls of their cages?


Do you remember:

Those eyes,

Those innocent eyes

Filled with the pure blood of that white dove?

And those broken arms and legs

Of the one who fought to his last breadth?

And that torn up chest of the young sapling

Who only wished to dance freely

In the wind?

And the shattered skull

Of that 16 year old

That was filled

With glorious white dreams?


Do you remember?

Do you see the traces

Of their pure blood

On the skin of their motherland?


Night has fallen



Do you hear the hideous and repulsive howling

Of those frightened bloody mouthed wolves,

Hiding in the darkness of the woods,


From smelling the smoke

Coming from the chimneys of the houses

Where mothers are constantly burning incense?

And from hearing the shrieking

Shrieking of the mourners

On the frames of the young graves?

And from the daring voices

Of brothers and sisters

Of the slain

On the rooftops

Offering their blood afresh?

Brave sons and daughters of Iran

DAWN is moving this way


The brave sons and daughters of Iran

Are fighting strong and bold

For their land of gods and braves

Its freedom to uphold


Do you see

How they are fighting for right,

For truth and light,

Shouting them aloud?


Sons and daughters of Cyrus

You give glory to his land

Fighting so courageously

Your blood will be marked forever

On the ocean sands


Beyond space and time

Will go your noble fame

Your country will undoubtedly


Remember your brilliant names

Brave sons and daughters of Iran

DAWN is moving this way