Bombard Iran ... with broadband
Reza Zia-Ebrahimi


If the west really wants to support the green movement it should shower the country in free satellite internet access

A Salute to Champions of Liberty

Amil Imani

Geert Wilders, an outspoken politician and chairman of the Freedom Party (PVV) in the Netherlands who produced a 16 minute-long movie “FITNA,” has been accused of Islamophobia and refused entry to the UK by immigration authorities after arriving at Heathrow airport in London. UK Independence party peer, Lord Pearson, had invited him to show his controversial film Fitna, which links Koran to terrorism, at the House of Lords.

Tehran’s graffiti war

“The green protestors have to spray in the middle of the night, but the Basij they can do it whenever they like”






An interview on his 80th birthday

A poem by Naderpour

Translated by: Farhad Mafie

From the collection Blood and Ashes (Khoun va Khakestar)

For Imam Ommat (Ayatollah Khomeini, “The People’s Imam”)

O, infernal nature! Although the oppression of the sky

gave you the heritage of my land,

under the mirthful sun of that land

your hand planted nothing but the seed of inhumanity.








Part I

Part II



Let's not forget our slain brothers and sisters

God's masterpiece!

Shirin Tabibzadeh

I saw your picture lying down in the morgue
God's masterpiece
You looked exactly like David
Michelangelo's masterpiece
Except that:
Your body seemed so well proportioned
But David's head is a bit too big
For its form






Part I

Part II

Endangered Archaeological Sites and Artifacts

VOA's interview with Mr. Hassan Rasta and Dr. Farrokh


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